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Your Privacy

Your Privacy

St. Mary Medical Centre collects and holds personal information about you.

Information is collected for the provision of providing medical services.

Accurate and up to date information is required to ensure that we may properly assess, diagnose & treat your illness adequately & be pro-active in your health care needs.

Information is collected at the time of patient registration & throughout the course of providing medical services.

Your file is kept in a secure database which consists of multiple security applications protecting your electronic information.

Disclosure of your information may be provided to to other health care providers for the sole purpose of providing a medical service.Should the Practice wish to use your personal information for any other purpose, the Practice must seek your consent.

All team members understand their responsibilities in regard to your privacy, the confidentiality of your health record and have signed confidentiality agreements. Your record will only be accessed by authorised persons.

Our Privacy Policy & health record management system is in line with the Victorian Health Records Act 2002 and the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Patients may access their information held by the Practice subject to limited exceptions.

Please speak to our Practice Staff about our policy and processes for accessing your information.



St. Mary Medical Centre has compiled the material contained on this website. This information is intended only as a guide to assist patients to make informed decisions.

Some of the information incorporates the views of third parties and may not necessarily be upheld by St. Mary Medical Centre .

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