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Caring for Patients with Cancer

Caring for Patients with Cancer

Caring for Patients with Cancer

Our doctors provide general medical care for patients, including vaccinations, tests and medications and provide care through correspondence between specialists and hospitals.

Some cancers can be detected at an early stage when treatment is likely to be more effective. We understand how important early detection is and promote early diagnosis and screening. Tests are currently available through screening programs for breast cancer, cervical cancer and bowel cancer.

Our Doctors work closely with a broad network of specialists who specialise in these particular areas.

Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia, accounting for 80% of all new cancers diagnosed each year.

Dr Sai Au performs skin checks at the clinic. Suspicious skin lesions are removed or patients are referred for removal.


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  • Cancer Councils are the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia.


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