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Dr Julia Innis

Dr Julia Innis

Dr Julia Innis

Dr Julia Innis is a wonderful Doctor who graduated in 1998 in a town South of Russia called Krasnodar. Dr Julia migrated to Australia in 2004 where she completed all the required medical exams with Australian Medical Council in 2008.

Dr Julia’s practical medical journey began in 2009 in Emergency Department at Latrobe Regional Hospital where she worked for 4 years and began her career in General Practice in 2012.

Previously, Dr Julia worked in a metropolitan afterhours and rural clinic at Morwell  for more than 5 years.

Dr Julia is passionate about art and completed her 2nd high education and holds a Diploma in Art.

In her spare time, Dr Julia enjoys spending time with her husband and their 3 children.

Around 3 years ago Dr Julia personally faced the lows of breast cancer , she is a strong advocate to all women and urges all to start early checks, once you turn 40 schedule your mammograms, don’t wait and don’t be afraid!

Dr Julia is fluent in English and Russian.


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